The Kids Can Help program is a program where kids can help kids.I started the Kids Can Help program 5 years ago and now it has grown into the Kids Can Help team.  With the help of our community, family, and friends, the Kids Can Help Team has raised a total of over $40,000 and counting!!!  All the money raised from my cd’s and from our Kids Can Help fundraising events goes to the BC Children’s Hospital and to kids with cancer.

I first started the Kids Can Help program when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and I really wanted to do something to help. I thought just because I’m a kid it doesn’t mean I can’t help.  I have met so many nice people through the program and hopefully the Kids Can Help program will continue to grow and raise even more money for the hospital.

“If everyone makes a small difference it will make a big difference”!

Sean Thomas


Manny Malhotra from the Vancouver Canucks visits the Kids Can Help Team.